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Myla's Letter

The story book offers Read N Scan
Technology through the use of QR codes


Sunny, a United States Postal Letter Carrier, proffers his duty as a mailman to Myla. He collects, posts, and delivers mails for Myla.

Myla is a lovely girl who loves to write letters and collect stamps. She write excellently, ready to relish her sweet experiences through her letters. She gets an invitation from her grandparents to come on a weekend boat ride to view the West Quaddy Head Lighthouse from the sea! She is super excited! What is her response?

Will Sunny be the one who delivers Myla’s letter?


Thomas L Millhouse is a retired Letter Carrier for the US postal service. He was in service for 32 years, married to Judy, who taught in public school as well as homeschooling for many years. Thomas and Judy Millhouse created the Letter Destination Safety Kids Program, taught in public and private schools for over three decades. They teach kids to write, dress, mail letters, and comprehend how the US Postal Services process and deliver mails.

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The Author uses storytelling together with great content to implement an immersive experience through Read N’ Scan Technology of QR Codes that allow you to see people you’ve never met, take you to places you have never been, show things you’ve never seen with your eyes, using Artistic caricatures slides, video slides with music, educational videos and artistic illustrations. You get to walk with Myla through the West Quaddy Head Lighthouse to the coast of Maine, listen to the sound of the waves of the sea, view the seagulls mounting in droves, then stand with Sunny to observe the massive process and distribution facility where letters are processed. Here, you will see how letters pass through machines, Processing 30000 pieces of mail per hour, ultimately see vast machines that are the size of a football field. Take a firsthand look at who we are and what we do at the United States Postal Services.

Join Sunny And the Letter Destination & Safety Kids In A Race To See Whose Letter Will Be The First To Reach Grandma And Grandpa House

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Myla's Letter

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3 Ways to have your Board Game Made

  1. Do It Yourself (DIY) go to any full colour printers that print 11×17 paper.
  2. Done For You (DFY) go to any of our Letter Destination and Safety Kids Educational Program Accounts set up at printing locations and get a 10% discount on all printing. Set up at FedEx printing locations.
  3. Have a Gameboard company make you a custom made boardgame with the dimensions given. (


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